We are obsessed with helping small businesses grow.

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Our Story

I failed to sell this book! On Amazon πŸ™

I was frustrated. Honestly, I thought there had to be a better way to sell stuff online. Since e-commerce is so complex that tech savvy people couldn’t successfully sell online then how could small shopkeepers sell online? The idea of ByBuy was to make online selling easy for small businesses. Now we enable 4,500+ small businesses to sell online πŸ™‚Β 

Seller with ByBuy app
Our Vision

In 2030,
All the shops Will be selling Omnichannel

In 2030, all the shops and businesses will sell and support omnichannel (online and offline) for consumers. ByBuy will enable millions of small and midsize businesses to leverage technology for omni-channel retail. We are on a mission to: put all the shops in the world online.

Our Mission

Make Technology Easy for Small Guys.

We aim to build tools for small and medium businesses that are β€œMost Advanced. Yet Acceptable.” We’re reducing the technology barriers for small businesses.

Our Leadership
Founder & CEO

Satyam Sahu

Co-Founder & CTO