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Top 10 Reasons Why Customers Don’t Buy From Your Website.

Consumers in India don’t buy from unknown Independent websites.

Before we list out why let’s look at
“What’s not going to change in the next ten years?”

In our retail business, we know that customers want
-low prices-
Fast delivery
-Vast selection
(via Jeff Bezos)

Why consumers don’t buy from small independent websites?

1- Is this site dead or alive: Most Independent websites are not up to date with inventory, offers, or anything new on the site so that customers know this site is active.

2- Lack of social proof: most independent websites don’t have an honest comment/review/ rating section, therefore lack social proof for customers to trust.

3- Lack of Branding: Small websites have big names, bad logos, no consistency in colors, typography making it look like an unprofessional website

4- Lack of Promise: Independent website lacks
-Refund promise,
-Return promise,
-Quality promise,
-Delivery time promise,
-Price transparency
They are filled with additional charges such as delivery fees, etc.

5- Lack of well-designed online store with good user experience:
-Relevant product searches
-Fill rate ( all products available that the consumer wants to buy)
-Payment options
-Checkouts experience

6- Lack of good cataloging: Small websites spend no/little time on the most important thing on website aka product catalog,
website has outdated product images, bad quality images.
Product description is incomplete and not trustworthy, mostly copy-paste

7- Lack of HOOK: What is your value prop for the website, why should customers order from you instead of Amazon, Flipkart, or others. Most websites lack offers, discounts, schemes to get customers to order stuff when they are on the website.

8- Lack of proper backend ops: Most websites don’t know how they are going to deliver the product once they receive an order. They don’t have Proper packaging & collaboration with the delivery person/company this leads to low NPS for small websites.

9- Lack of reach: Small and independent website lacks social media following, consumer interaction, etc.

10- Lack of good customer support: Most small websites are either unresponsive or perceived to be unresponsive, customers don’t know whom to contact in case something goes wrong.

Did you ever buy from a small independent e-commerce website.
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